Toddy establishments are not just your regular old dive bars serving local liquor. In Kerala they are family-run restaurants that serve spicy local food along with the state's beloved beverage. Locally known as "kallu", it was the Britishers who coined it "Toddy" which has stuck till date referring to the fermented beverage made from tapping the sap from coconut and palm trees. Toddy, in the state, has been the centre for a lot of political and legislative turmoils in the past, until the government started owning the liquor and circulating it. Nowadays "kallu shaapu" or toddy shops are all-inclusive, which means you can visit them with your family and partake in an evening of the region's famed cuisines and beverage. If you're in Kochi and you plan on going on a toddy shop trail, here's 5 well-renowned toddy parlours where you can drop by with your family for a fun night out. 

1. Mullapanthal Toddy Shop, Kadamakudy 

The food at Mullapanthal toddy shop is heavenly and people from all around the world visit this joint to pair their toddy with a host of mouthwatering seafood and meat dishes. From fish kappa curry to duck roast, from beef fry to rabbit, pork, crabs, squids, prawns and much more, you would run out of options to choose from and feel like coming back for more.

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Location: MLA Road, Udayamperoor, Thrippunithura. 

2. Nettoor Toddy Shop, Nettoor

This toddy shop is known for the ambience it provides during sunsets, as it is located on a waterfront surrounded by coconut trees that'll make your experience even richer. The dishes served at this place are also wide-ranging and equally outstanding, and being on the outskirts of Kochi it is the quieter, more intimate setting, where you could enjoy your night away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

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Location: Near Nettor Old Market, Nettoor, Maradu, Ernakulam. 

3. Kadamakudy Toddy Shop, Ernakulam 

Kadamakudy is also unique in its location, being that it is a village in the Ernakulam district. Once you've made your way through paddy fields, you'd be greeted by a humble shop overlooking the Kayal River that serves fresh caught produce of the day. Coddled by the mild breeze and the woozy buzz of the toddy, you'd leave your worries for the day and if you're fortunate enough, you might find yourself in the company of folk singers who would enliven the place up even more. 

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Location: 46, Kadamakudy Road, Valiya Kadamakudy, Ernakulam. 

4. Kudapuram Toddy Shop, Eramallor

Kudapuram is the name of the toddy shop in the village Eramallor, in Kochi that is known for its food, most of which is freshly caught and made in house from the river right next to the establishment. Depending on the catch of the day you can choose from the variety of fish, crab and prawn kappa curries and if not, pork masala is also quite sought after at this place. 

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Location: Eramalloor, Ezhupunna. 

5. Padippura Toddy Shop, Ernakulam

Padipurra might not have the ambience which the aforementioned establishments can provide but what it lacks in atmosphere, makes up in the variety of platter it has on offer. It is also family-friendly which makes it a go-to stop for food lovers and tourists alike who would like to experience the essence of Kerala while they're there. 

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Location: Udayamperoor, Thrippunithura, Ernakulam.