Visiting Kochi? Don't Miss These Dishes
Image Credit: Idli Sambhar/ Instagram- foodie_boy_swastik

Kochi food is highly influenced by its location. Coconuts, rice, and fish are the three main ingredients used in Kochi cuisine. Kochi is located along a beautiful stretch of coastline. Being the spice-land that it is, Kochi uses traditional Indian spices to enhance the flavours of its cuisine, including mustard seeds, black pepper, cardamom, clove, tamarind, cinnamon, and asafoetida. Coconut is a key ingredient in most traditional Keralan recipes. The healthier rice variant, red semi-polished parboiled rice, is typically used. Therefore, it is possible to consume without keeping track of calories. Make sure you try the vegetarian Kochi cuisine; it is every bit as delicious as the meat-based ones. The cakes are fantastic here, especially the Christmastime plum cake. If you plan to be around for the holiday season, you must have it.

This Kochi food guide is divided into 2 sections. The first one examines Kochi's top cuisine. Our selection of the top 10 Kochi cuisines to taste includes everything from traditional Keralan delicacies to the city's top brunches to well-known Indian street food! We understand that in addition to needing to know what to eat in Kerala, travellers also want to know about the must-try culinary experiences in Kochi, such as Kerala Sadya, Kochi boathouses, and spice markets. This Kochi travel guide's second half is comprised of these gastronomic experiences.

10 must-try Kochi foods-

Dosa is undoubtedly a dish from Kochi that you must try because it is one of the "World's 50 Most Delicious Foods." Try the ghee-roasted dosa with the sambar and coconut chutney for a delicious combination. You'll be astounded by the flavours. The batter for the dosa is made from fermented rice and lentils, and it is first distributed before being roasted till it becomes crisp.


Dessert must be included on any list of Kochi's top dishes! Payasam, or rice pudding, also known as kheer, is a classic Indian delicacy that is made for the Onam festival or any other special occasion. This dessert is made in nearly every family in Kerala. This dish's typical ingredients include rice ada, sugar, milk, and ghee. The delicious payasam is a must-have for every special event!

7 Kochi Food Experiences Not To Miss-

Art Cafes In Fort Kochi

The history, culture, and art of Kochi are rich. The first European traders arrived in Kochi in the sixteenth century. The city now serves as Kerala's commercial centre and boasts a booming tourism industry that draws thousands of visitors from all walks of life, particularly those interested in the arts. A quiet, relaxed area of the city called Fort Kochi has intriguing art cafes. You can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some pastries or simply wander by long stretches of street art, gift shops, and handicraft establishments. Kashi Cafe, Pepper House, and Qissa Cafe are a few art cafes that are worth visiting. You have a solid reason to stop by Elite Bakery and Madonna Cake House while you are in Fort Kochi.

Eat On A Kochi Houseboat On The Backwaters

When visiting Kerala, India, you must eat while aboard a houseboat. It is available for daytime or overnight rentals. You will enjoy a great lunch on board as you float around Kochi's backwaters. Even while Kochi's cuisine is excellent, nothing beats eating it while taking in the picturesque surroundings on a houseboat in Kochi. 

Barbeque Fresh Fish In Kochi

Take a turn hauling in the nets for Kochi's freshest fish! Barbeque fish tastes amazing and smokey. In exchange for a small amount of money, the neighbourhood fisherman will demonstrate how the Chinese nets work and allow you to bring in the fish. For one of the most distinctive culinary experiences in Kochi, you may have your catch barbecued! Have it with lemon and green chutney. Or, for those who are less daring, choose your preferred fish from one of the neighbouring stalls for a quick BBQ.

Mattancherry Spice Markets

Don't miss shopping for authentic Indian spices at Mattancherry's historic spice bazaar. There will undoubtedly be spices from India that you have never heard of, and they make excellent presents and keepsakes to take home. The enormous jute bags in which the spices are sold and trialled in the Kochi markets create a fantastic background for vibrant photographs.

Enjoy Kerala Sadya On Banana Leaf

A vegetarian midday feast known as a "Kerala Sadya" is made especially for festivals and celebrations. It is famous for being served on a banana leaf. Hot, steaming red rice will be served to you together with aviyal, pachadi, pulissery, olan, sambar, pappadam, and payasam for dessert. While the most ornate sadya is offered during festivals or weddings, quite a few restaurants offer the sadya every day with a variety of 10–12 dishes on banana leaves. BTH next to Jos Junction and Dwarka, which serves it on special occasions, are the best restaurants in Kochi for sadya.

Kochi Cooking Class With Local Spices

Kerala food is much more distinct in flavour and tang than other Indian cuisines. Join a cooking class to learn how to prepare your favourite Keralan meals if you enjoy the cuisine in Kochi. Depending on your preference, it may be a group class or an individual one.

Banana Chips Off The Cauldron

One of Kochi's favourite foods is banana chips. A local banana variety is finely sliced and deep-fried to produce these crispy yellow chips. It is one of the most often served teatime snacks in Kerala. There are stalls and businesses all around the city that sell freshly fried banana chips, however, the greatest banana chips in Kochi can be found near Ernakulam South Station.