Visiting Cuttack? Drop By These 5 Must-Try Food Corners In The ‘Silver City’
Image Credit: Instagram @ayuslacafe

The small but lively food corners in a city add to its glory of food culture. Cuttack - the ‘Silver City of India’ - exemplifies that the best. Odisha’s oldest city, Cuttack is famous for its filigree work, rich history and food culture. From Dahi Bara to Thunka Puri, the traditional food of Cuttack has fascinating stories attached to its origin. As the city is developing to equip its population with the best facilities, we can see many small food corners adding to its food culture by adding their cooking and food styles. The diversity of the population can be vividly experienced through the city’s food corners that have traditional Indian and western food on their menu. Here’re five must-visit food corners in the ‘Silver City’ that will give you a unique food experience:

1. Ayusla Cafe, Sector 11, CDA

This cafe has a different thought behind its menu. Driven by Ayurvedic food practices, the recipes here are designed to give you a tasty and healthy food experience at the same time. The cafe uses traditional techniques, homemade spices and natural herbs to prepare the food. The eatery claims to have translated Ayurvedic science to the food they serve.

2. Snowball Ice Cream, Mission Road

Ice creams made with natural flavours, organic sweetness, no artificial colours and no added preservatives are one challenging task to find. But the Snowball Ice Cream parlour has this sorted for Cuttack’s population. You can find a variety of handcrafted ice creams with fruity flavours, chocolatey taste, and nuts at this shop to choose from. ‘Love in every bite’ is what they promise to their consumers.

This sweet-food startup has grown very fast in the city, giving the baking and chocolate-making industry a new path to follow. The bakers here specialise in chocolates, cakes, brownies and cookies of different varieties, all homemade and available for customisation. You can get them picked up or get them delivered to your doorstep. Their chocolate bouquets and hampers are the best gifts for your dear ones on special occasions. All specially curated by the sweet fairy of the town.

The restaurant smartly connects its customers with the food, vibe, and name of the place. You can choose from a variety of food options to choose from and relish them with your friends and family. The food corner promises an experience of the goodness of the exotic flavours of India, served under one roof. The delicacies are here specially prepared to flirt with your tastebuds and keep you craving for more.

Located in one of the most active and populated parts of the city, this new venture has gained popularity for its delicious fusion food and preparation methods. The variety of snacks available here is so delectable that you would want to visit the place again and again.