Visiting Bareilly Ka Bazaar? Try Popular Swal Aloo
Image Credit: Neeru's corner/YouTube

All we can hear these days is “Jhumka Gira Re, Bareilly Ke Bazaar Main”! This popular saying which was later transformed into a song and even remade recently has always kept us hooked. But you know what? It is not just jhumka but a lot of things that Bareilly is famous for. And of these famous things is a special combination of triangular papdis and spiced potatoes. Can you guess what we are talking about? It is the famous Swal Aloo.  

This delicious dish is commonly served as a breakfast meal and street-food in Bareilly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this dish is quite underrated but is truly a gem. Traditionally made up of spiced potatoes paired with papdis made from maida. These papdis are typically triangular in shape and served with spiced potatoes mostly consumed as a breakfast dish. Besides, this dish is also easily available at local stalls in the streets of Bareilly and its most popular accompaniment is Dahi Jalebi.  

Video credits: Neeru's Corner/YouTube

A lot of people may find this combination odd but believe me, a lot of people from different parts of the country visit Bareilly and try this classic combination. Even though there are several places to try swal aloo, but the most popular one is a local eatery Puranpur Sweet in Biharipur Dhal. The place has been serving swal aloo for over 50 years and kept people hooked. It has been selling this exquisite delicacy for more than 50 years. Run by Ramesh Kumar whose father worked as a confectioner at the sweet shop, the place serves the same taste to people and thus, is very popular in the area. 

So, if you are visiting Bareilly anytime soon to try Swal Aloo, here are 4 more dishes that you can try and relish. Have a look: 

Seekh Kebabs 

One can succulent seekh kebabs in Bareilly and is served in almost every eatery. Made with minced meat mixed with herbs and aromatic spices and grilled over a fire, seekh kebabs that too from Bareilly can make you drool. Don’t believe us? D give it a try. 


You can find chaat in almost every part of the country but the one made in Bareilly is worth a try. Made with mixed fruits and shallow fried boiled potatoes, the chaat is drizzled with spices and lemon juice making it extremely delicious and mouthwatering.  Once you try this chaat, there is no going back. 


Just like chaat, falooda is not limited to a particular region but the way it is made, makes it special. When visiting Bareilly, don’t miss trying the special falooda. Kulfi falooda topped with pistachio, saffron, rose water and many aromatic components, is something you must try in the city. 


If you are bored of eating Bareilly ki Barfi, it's time to try yet another sweet treat called Patisha, A type of soan papdi, it is made of besan as compared to soan papdi which is cooked of maida. One can find this dessert anywhere in Uttar Pradesh but the one found in Bareilly is delectable and very tasty.