Move Over Bareilly Ki Barfi, Try These Barfi Varieties
Image Credit: Image: Mango Barfi/unsplash

If there is a hallmark of Indian cuisine, it must be the Indian sweets that we know as mithais. Mithais and festivals go hand in hand. Apart from being a festive thing, they have quite a connection with Indian temples and must-have treats after a meal. There are ample mithais that we Indians absolutely love and one of them is barfi.  This most popular sweet has derived its name from the Persian word ‘barf’ i.e., snow. We all know about besan barfi, coconut barfi, and badam barfi. Let us take you through some of the other popular barfi varieties that everybody or at least the barfi lovers should know! Have a look.

Chocolate Barfi

It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult, this barfi can never annoy you. Everybody loves chocolates and these chocolate barfis are an absolute delight. Made up with melted chocolate and khoya, this barfi has a lot of dry fruits and can be the mithai you serve to your guests.

Egg Barfi

We have realized that eggs are much more than just being made into an omelette. Eggs are so versatile and have proved their worth. Apart from making egg halwa and egg rasmalai, you can also make egg barfi which is simply delicious.

                                      Image credits: Youtube

Ghiya Barfi

If you love ghiya halwa then this is for you. Or we should say, it is even tastier. Made with grated ghiya or bottle gourd, this barfi is loaded with ghee and dry fruits. It has a great aroma that can make you drool for it.

Mango Barfi

Mango is king for a reason. After impressing us with its presence in lassi, it has evolved into a barfi. Trust me guys, mango barfi is everything you are looking for. It has an amazing aroma and lip-smacking taste.

Rava Barfi

This is a rather quicker variety of barfi that should be on your bucket list. Made up with rava and condensed milk, this barfi has an amazing texture and scrumptious taste. Try it the next time and give a treat to your taste buds.

                                     Image credits: Youtube

Urad Dal Barfi

Who doesn’t love urad dal ka halwa? This barfi has a similar taste. Made up of ground urad dal and condensed milk, it has a wonderful texture and tastes absolutely delicious. It may take you some time to roast the urad dal but you would not regret it.

Orange Barfi

Made up with orange pulp and condensed milk, this is another fruity barfi that you just cannot miss. It looks great, smells great, and tastes great. Try it the next time when you have oranges and don’t know what to do with them.

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These were the barfi varieties that we thought we should tell you about. Let us know which of these you had never heard of and which are your absolute favourite!!