How 90-Year-Old Harbhajan Kaur Turned Entrepreneur With Her Home-Made Barfis
Image Credit: Mrs. Harbhajan Kaur won entrepreneur of the year award as well. Image: Harbhajan Kaur's Instagram

“There’s no age limit to achieving success and fame”, we’ve all heard many inspirational leaders and popular icons talking about this in their speeches a lot many times. You can start at 40 or 50 and still reach new heights. But have you come across anyone doing so at 90? Harbhajan Kaur, based out of Chandigarh, earned her first salary of INR 2000 at 90 by doing what she loves the most- cooking!  

Sharing her story with Humans of Bombay (HoB), 95-year-old Mrs. Harbhajan Kaur revealed how five years ago she thought she had spent her "entire life without earning a penny". And that is exactly when her journey to a heart-warming entrepreneurship began. She thought she wanted to start afresh and that’s when her daughter came up with the idea of selling her homemade barfis in the market.

Mrs. Kaur’s Besan Barfis were all sold out on the first day itself, from which she earned a handsome sum of 2000 rupees. Soon the word spread and she started getting bulk orders along with massive popularity. She also won entrepreneur of the year award!

Harbhajan Kaur’s will-power and positivity is something to take inspiration from as these are two of the things that also led her to win over Coronavirus, which she contracted during the second wave. With over 16k followers, Harbhajan Kaur is also an Instagram star with the help of her grandkids. They keep making reels with her besides reaping in all her wisdom, when they are confused about their life choices as she tells them, "It's never too late to change your mind," adding, "If nani can do it at 95, anyone can do it."