Viral: World’s Largest Mac And Cheese Sets New Record
Image Credit: Mac and Cheese

It is not every day that a new world record is set. While there are billions out there trying to do something new and interesting each day, only a few make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for their X factor. This time was a humble bowl of mac and cheese. It is a comfort food in many parts of the world, and is now among the new world record setters too.

Recently, a US-based company - called Schreiber Foods Inc. - took up the challenge of making the world’s largest mac and cheese and it turns out that they were quite successful. Made by the employees as an ode to the food company’s 50th anniversary, the giant bowl of mac and cheese also made a new world record. On July 29, the company decided to prepare a large bowl of mac and cheese to mark their golden jubilee and several employees took on the task to prepare it, according to a report by News 18.

Mac and Cheese 

While the preparation involved several ingredients in large quantities - namely cooked macaroni (928 kgs), butter (72.54 kgs), cheese (478.53 kgs), and milk (543.85 litres) - the end result was a gigantic bowl of macaroni filled with cheese, reportedly weighing 2,151 kgs. Did you know how long it took for the employees to make this dish? Approximately three hours and 26 minutes.

Prepared in Logan district of Utah in the US, the macaroni and cheese was later distributed to about 200 people that were present there. In association with a local pantry, the food was distributed and the company believed that serving the people this delicious dish turned out to be a good cause. Schreiber took over the baton from the earlier record holder, Chef John Folse and Company who had prepared 1119.91 kgs of macaroni and cheese in September, 2010.