Viral: Why This Iconic Chopped Salad Is Trending Again
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La Scala has long been a part of Los Angeles' elite social circles and showbiz industry. Marilyn Monroe and other famous people were served in this Beverly Hills restaurant when it was first launched in 1956 by Jean Leon. Six decades later, Gigi Leon, Jean's daughter, is in charge of the Beverly Hills restaurant. It still serves upscale Italian cuisine to famous people like Kim Kardashian. The LA institution is also experiencing a slight rebirth online. Reason: The chopped salad, a traditional La Scala recipe and creation, is getting popular among TikTok users. And it has become one of the trending foods on the web across the globe.

Genesis of Chopped Salad

Gigi revealed that her father created the simple salad during a conversation. It was created as a result of complaints from his dressed-up and tuxedoed customers about how difficult and messy regular salads were to eat. So, Jean devised the chopped salad served at La Scala in the Italian style. A vinaigrette-dressed combination of lettuce, salami, cheese, and garbanzo beans. While Leon might not have been the first to chop and combine the components for a salad. According to legend, he was the first to include "chopped salad" on a menu.

What renewed its fame

There is little proof that Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian enjoys the chopped salad at La Scala. However, the rumour has persisted online, where replica recipes have become increasingly popular.

When @katcancook posted a video describing the recipe of La Scala’s chopped salad on TikTok and it has over 6 million views. A similar video from @broccyourbody — mentioning Kardashian and Bieber has garnered over 2 million views on the platform.

Decades after Jean first made the chopped salad, it's hard to pin down why gained this renewed popularity today. On TikTok, there is a definite appetite for them. Nearly 70 million people have seen #choppedsalad on the short-form video platform, and the number of "chopped salads" searches on Google has dramatically increased.

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