Viral: Vietnamese Blogger Tries South Indian Food; Asks Netizens How To Make Idli At Home
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Reel by @foodwithsoy

Indian cuisines have many fans around the world, and rightly so. If there’s anything that makes us Indians more happy than enjoying our own delicacies, it is people from other countries enjoying our traditional food. That happens a lot, and more often than not, they like it. Haven't you seen those amazing reaction videos? Remember the Spanish woman who tried chicken tikka masala for the first time? The internet is full of such videos. It could be someone trying our traditional Indian dishes or even having the famous Maggi noodles, all such videos simply amuse us. In the latest such instance, a Vietnamese food blogger, @foodwithsoy, shared her experience of having south Indian food and it’s priceless. 

She is known for sharing her experience of trying out new dishes in videos with her audience. In her recent clip, we can see her sitting with a plate of idli, vada, sambhar and three chutneys - tamarind, coconut and mint chutney. She takes the idli first and reveals how she has been obsessed with it after she tried it a week back. She then explains how idli is basically a rice cake that is very famous in south India. She also informs her audience how South India is notably famous for rice dishes as rice grows well in the region. After having a huge bite of idli paired with a mix of three chutneys and sambar, she tells people how buttery and delicious it is. She then moves on to the vada, dips it in sambhar and chutney, and reveals how “It tastes really good”. Take a look at the video here:

 “Can someone teach me how to make idli at home? so many of you suggested I try idli and vada from South India and they were so good!”, @foodwithsoy wrote in the caption. Since the time this video was shared, it has been viewed 171K times, and has more than 12K likes and hundreds of comments. Since she asked if someone could teach her how to cook idli at home, many people in the comment section wrote how they can teach her how to make idlis at home. One person wrote, "Girl, I will show you how to make idli and also how to eat them with chutney and sambhar." Another person wrote, "You should get an idli steamer!! So yummy when they are fresh. Also, you can make sambar in a rice cooker! I managed that for Onam this year." Some users also suggested ways to eat idli, "Looks amazing!! You should also try idlis with a hot bowl of sambar. Makes it even better."  

One user also told her the right way to have idli. The user wrote, "Usually when we eat idli, we don't cut it in half like that. We pinch some off it, dip it in sambar/chutney and eat it. When you take it bit by bit, it soaks up more chutney/sambar and tastes even better!" The blogger also asked users to suggest what other dishes she can try. 

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