There is no dearth of fascinating recipes on the internet, but when they recreate some of your all-time favourite snacks and candies, you are bound to pause and think ‘why have I been spending so much money on this all this while?’ 

One such video that has been going viral on the YouTube right now is by a Singaporean content creator Ming. On his channel @mingweirocks, we found a short and entertaining video of making M&Ms at home. That’s right. The colourful, chocolate buttons have many versions and variations across the world. Loved by kids and grown-ups alike, these sweet nibbles are available in most markets and now you can make something similar at home too. Read on to know how. 

In Ming’s trending YouTube shorts that has clocked in over 2.6 Million views in less than 13 days of going live, a creator presents a hilarious skit of how he replaced his friend’s M&Ms with his homemade M&Ms while she is asleep. You can watch the complete video here.

The process looks fairly simple, he first peels and collects the ground nuts. Then he grabs hold of Nutella or a thick chocolate hazelnut spread, he dips the ground nuts in the luscious chocolate spread and chills it. Post which, he paints the chilled, chocolate-coated ground nuts with edible food colouring (we are hoping). These home-made M&Ms look so eerily similar to original ones that even his friend cannot make out the difference and needless to say the comments section is buzzing with reactions. While some seemed to be in awe, some were actually not that impressed, “why that much effort”, wrote a user. Indicating that it is much easier to just grab a packet from a superstore. But in that case, you can buy everything from market, why cook at all, right? In our view, it is surely something that you can try. It does not take a lot of time, there is no heat involved, so it can serve as a good bonding activity between you and your kids and let’s admit it, it looks so much fun.  

The same creators also demonstrated making restaurant-like pancakes and syrup at home. All you need is a bowl of fresh honey and a pancake-mix. Have a look at the video here.


What do you think of these cool hacks, do let us know? In the meanwhile, why don’t you try recreating some candies that make you nostalgic? Do share the recipes with us.