Viral Video Shows Japan Restaurant’s Smart Trick To Quickly Calculate Food Bill
Image Credit: In the video each plate was scanned by the device and the total added up to $24. Image: Instagram @allstarseven

There was a time when not many people in the world knew about Ramen and Sushi. They were considered exotic dishes by the common masses. But in 2021, Japanese dishes were among the most searched online. The cuisine has taken the global palate by storm. Not just the popular delicacies but foods like Gyoza and Tempura too have found love across the world. While the cuisine has been making noise for the unique flavours and experience, Japanese restaurants generate buzz for more than just their amazing culinary delights. For instance, in a recent video, we could see how a Japanese restaurant had a smart technique to quickly calculate your total food bill and generate a receipt for the same. Sounds simple, but the technique has piqued the curiosity of internet users and gone viral on Instagram in no time. Wondering what the trick is? Take a look:

Shared on Instagram Reels by user @allstarseven, a blogger currently residing in Japan, the clip of the Japanese restaurant read, “Why Japan is living in the future”. In the clip, we could see the blogger enjoying multiple Japanese delicacies such as Sushi, Gyoza and more at the restaurant. Next, he showed us all the different coloured plates that he ordered, stacked up in a single pile. "I eat a lot. Don't judge me. Most sushi only cost $1.20," he explained in the caption. What the chef did next will surprise you! Chef simply took a scanning device and ran it over the stacked plates of food. Each plate was scanned by the device and the total added up to $24. How it worked was that each plate had a different cost, and the chip inside the plates helped the device to quickly identify the dishes and add up their totals to generate the bill. Genius, isn’t it? 

Not only is it simple and convenient, but also super quick! Right? Instagram users couldn't help but express their amazement on seeing the video of the Japanese restaurant. "They aren't called the most disciplined country for no reason," said one user while another wrote, "It's scanning for RFID tags on the plates not the colour/shape, but still cool." Another user pointed out how it is also convenient for the kitchen to know what plate to use for what food, and wrote “They know what dish to put on what plate, so the plates they use are particularly for a certain type of sushi only .. saves time!!” Some users also revealed how some other countries like Australia and Berlin also use the same technique, while Czech Republic has a manual version, a user said.   

What did you think of the amazing technique? Do you think such a mechanism can be used in India as well? Let us know your thoughts.