Viral Video Shows How You Can Control Portions At Desi Weddings

Ever gotten too carried away with the food at a desi wedding or indulged yourself a bit too much with multiple refills? You’re not the only one! Indian weddings are famed for their rich array of scrumptious recipes and elaborate regional staples which are unmissable! Digital content creator Bhawanpreet Kaur Sahni, who identifies herself as Mrs Patiala Queen 2019 on her Instagram has shared a video on her page where she has shared a hack that can help you control your portions at weddings.

Most Indian weddings serve buffet-style food and guests often help themselves to second or third helpings of their favourite dishes. In the video, Sahni tries something that can stop you from getting carried away with the portions. The content creator made a sizeable ‘X’ on the plate with the rice on offer. She uses the four pockets around the letter as four compartments for her other dishes, like dal makhani, butter paneer, mushroom sabzi etc. By dividing her plate into four equal parts she allows small and equal portions to each dish. 

Controlling portion sizes helps manage calorie intake and following this hack for weddings can help everyone, especially people who are on a calorie-deficit diet. Consuming fewer calories than your body expends leads to weight loss over time. Moreover, portion control lets you diversify your dinner plate as it emphasizes moderation, so you can include different food groups in equal portions allowing for a more sustainable approach to weight loss.

It’s common knowledge that weddings tend to offer high-carb foods and eating large portions of these dishes can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels followed by crashes. Portion control helps stabilize blood sugar levels by moderating carbohydrate intake, and reducing the likelihood of cravings and overeating.