Video Shows A Genius Hack To Neatly Cut A Burger In Half

Picture this: A plate of crispy, juicy patties laced with flavourful sauces and fresh vegetables, sandwiched between toasted buns. Doesn’t it make for a decadent dish? While the burger might be native to America, it has fans all across the world today, making it one of the most loved fast foods ever! After all, biting into a burger offers a burst of flavours that just make us crave more. Now, another whole burger can put us in a tricky situation, since we know we are almost full but are craving just a little more. So, a better idea would be to cut a burger in half instead of having a whole one. But what’s even more difficult is cutting a burger, which can be quite a task and can create quite a mess. But fret not, we’ve got a hack that is sure to help you out of the dilemma of burgers, without any mess.  

No more collapsing of burgers while cutting it in half. In a recent video shared on the Instagram page, called Delhi_foodgasm, we get to see a genius trick to get two equal halves of a burger. And it is a super simple one. Rather than just using a knife to cut the burger, you’ll also need to use a fork. Yes, you read that right. You can half a burger using a fork but just not in the common way we know, where the fork is used to hold down the food by inserting it in the food and the knife is used to cut the food. Take a look at how it’s done in the video:

The hack is to use the fork as a support to help slice the burger in a clean, mess-free manner. The fork offers a direction to the knife, allowing you to cut the burger neatly, without the burger falling apart. Isn’t that brilliant? The video has more than 37k views and over 1.3k likes so far. It indeed solves a foodie’s dilemma so we can easily partake in an extra half of a burger, without worrying about making a mess!  

What do you think about this hack? Do you also have a similar food hack? Let us know.