Viral Video Showing How Siblings Share Biryani Has Netizens In Splits
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by @mahathalli

Biryani, the name itself is enough to make us slurp. An evergreen classic that doesn’t really need an introduction, biryani is a heavenly one-pot rice dish that is aromatic, flavourful and loved by people not just in India but across the globe. It is believed that the Mughals were the first to introduce biryani in north India, whereas the Arabs introduced it to the southern part of the country. Over the years, the brilliance of biryani has taken over the world, with many popular chefs across the globe trying to cook it to perfection.

Indians’ love for biryani has been proved in multiple instances, one of them being the record number of orders for the one-pot delight by foodies across the country. Another case being the multiple Twitter wars that have ensued over biryani, with people vouching for their region’s version of the dish.  

Be it the Hyderabadi biryani or Lucknowi or Malabari - each one has a unique flavour and appeal of its own. And it’s harder to let go or even share a plate of a biryani. Perhaps, this is exactly what happened in a video, where siblings were to share a plate of biryani. Take a look at the viral video that has left the netizens in splits:


In the short clip shared on Instagram Reels by Jahnavi Dasetty (@mahathalli), you can see her brother Ajith noshing on a plate of mouth-watering biryani. “I asked my brother to get me an extra spoon so that we can share the biryani,” she said. He used a spoon for the same and had kept another one for his sister to share the plate with him. However, the size of the spoon was extremely tiny as compared to what he was using. All because her sibling did not want to share the biryani!  

The hilarious clip has garnered many reactions from netizens as foodies could relate to the love for biryani. The viral video has received over two million views and 132k likes. "Joey doesn't share biryani," she wrote in the caption of the post. "Eating biriyani in spoon is itself is a sin... better use the hand (sic)," suggested one user in comments, with which several other users agreed. While another wrote, "[Just] like I don't share my chicken!"  

Would you share biryani with anyone? Let us know. Meanwhile, if you are already craving some biryani, here’s a recipe for you to try at home.