Viral Video Of Egg Ghevar Recipe Baffles The Internet
Image Credit: Image: YouTube/Shutterstock

The month of August has begun, and so has the time of festivities. While Sawan and Hariyali Teej ended recently, we are already gearing up for Raksha Bandhan. And let’s just agree that it is impossible to think of monsoon festivities without some drool-worthy sweets such as ghevar. 

A disc-shaped sweet dish made with maida, ghee, sugar syrup and some dry fruits, ghevar finds its roots in Rajasthani cuisine. However, it is also famous in adjoining regions including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, and others. Traditionally, the dish is associated with the month of Shravan and Teej and Raksha Bandhan festivals. It comes in various varieties that include malai, dry fruits and nuts besides topped with fruits (like mango) et al.  

While we absolutely love malai ghevar and the one with nuts and fruits, the street food vendors in India definitely want to go ahead and give us bizarre variations to try. For instance, an Egg Ghevar has been going viral on the internet recently, which has baffled netizens, for sure. What is traditionally prepared with maida, ghee, sugar syrup, and some dry fruits, is now turned into a mere omelette and sold as Egg Ghevar.

Nothing close to what you might be thinking, this Egg Ghevar is basically an omelette prepared in a different way and the process of making it is somewhat similar to making of this sweet treat. But this comes with a catch that has left the netizens confused. 

In a video shared on a YouTube channel, called ‘More Food More Life’, we see a street food vendor whipping up eggs in a can, along with salt, pepper and turmeric powder, and beating it till it turns foamy. He then heats a frying pan and adds oil, enough to dip the egg and deep fry, just like ghevar. The trickiest part of ghevar is the honeycomb base of it. 

In this viral recipe, the food vendor has used hands to create that honeycomb effect, which might come across as unhygienic, but if you want to recreate the dish in a hygienic way use a spoon and drizzle the egg batter and form a round circle with the batter. Once the egg is nicely cooked on one side, he adds a spicy stuffing, wraps it up and cook by flipping sides. The egg ghevar is thus done, which is served hot with a few different chutneys. 

While the dish is basically an omelette wrap, it is called ghevar due to the honeycomb effect the street vendor creates. The internet was divided on this creation, as many users raise the concern of hygiene. Some netizens commented, “Eww, why are you using your hands?”, while another user commented, “I will die eating this”. Others said that it isn’t ghevar, but a dish called Kabiraji found in Kolkata. Nevertheless, the video has garnered more than 300k views, with 10k likes. Would you like to try this egg ghevar? Let us know your views.