Viral: Vendor Selling Bangladeshi Doi Chira Poha
Image Credit: @Foodie Incarnate/YouTube

Poha is a popular Maharashtrian dish that is commonly enjoyed as a breakfast across the country. This simple and easy delight is made with flattened rice, light spices, peanuts and pomegranate kernels along with a hint of lemon. There are many variations to this breakfast and each of them has their own speciality. But did you know, not just in India, poha is also popular in our neighbouring country Bangladesh. Their version of this classic dish is called Doi Chira Poha. 

As we know the culinary world has no boundaries or limitations, there are plenty of ways and variations to prepare any dish and this poha proves the same. It is made along with the addition of the Bengali mithai; rasgulla. Yes, you read it right. Recently, a video went viral on the internet where a Bangladeshi street vendor is adding rasgulla to poha. Here is the video. Take a look. 

In this video, you can see a street food vendor is preparing breakfast plates for his customers. He starts by adding flattened rice, soaked in water overnight, into steel bowls. Next, he sprinkles salt and a big spoonful of sugar, followed by chopped bananas to the mixture. The main twist comes after this, when he adds rasgulla into the bowl. Finally, he pours a mixture of milk and misti doi to poha and serves it to the customers. This Bangladeshi famous Doi Chira Poha costs just ₹53. 

It is often said that curd and milk should never be consumed together due to potential digestive issues. However, this unique doi cheera poha, can make us think twice about it. This video is from Dhaka, Bangladesh and was uploaded by a food blogger under the name @Foodie Incarnate. It has got more than 70k views and 2.5k likes. People in the comment sections are divided into two groups, a few of them are eager to try this dish while the rest are not sure about it. Now, it's your turn to decide; will you try this unique poha?