Viral: UK Farmer Grows The ‘World’s Longest Cucumber’
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

In the past year, we’ve seen many Guinness World Records (GWR) being made. Be it the largest hotdog or man chugging a litre of soda in 6.8 seconds, a number of absurd records have been made. And it goes on to prove how food is no longer just a means of sustenance and survival, but has also become a way of expressing creativity, emotion, and passion. In the recent past, a man was seen collecting cans of aerated beverages, and eventually, made a record by collecting over 12,000 soda cans

Now, speaking of the latest feat, a farmer in the UK seemed to have made a record by growing the ‘longest cucumber’ in the world. Don't believe us? Read on. Sebastian Suski, an amateur gardener living in Southampton, is the man to be given the credit for this record-breaking achievement. 

Sebastian managed to nurture his crops and produce the longest cucumbers, despite the heat wave in the UK, which destroyed many crops. A specimen of Cucumis sativus, the ‘longest cucumber’ was growing in a polytunnel at his allotment, and it measures 113.4 cms long. He broke the previous record by 6.2 cm. Take a look at the video shared by GWR.

Well, that definitely looks massive. But did you know this isn’t the only vegetable that has broken the world record? There has been a series of veggies breaking records because of their size, at the Giant Vegetable Championship held last year at the Giant Vegetable Championship. From an eggplant weighing 3.12 kgs, breaking the record for being the heaviest eggplant, to a 136 cm leek, bagging the title of being the longest leek. In fact, the tallest leek had been deemed to be ‘almost tall enough to ride rollercoasters'. What are your thoughts on such record-breaking vegetables? Let us know.