In the quest to sell something different and unique, Indian street food vendors and even restaurants are coming up with ideas that are both surprising and shocking. Fusion dishes are a rage nowadays and whether it is a chocolate vada pav or Maggi samosa, each of it has found its own place. Food influencers, home chefs and eateries alike often create some interesting combinations which are beyond the usual foodie's imagination. Remember chocolate brownie paan or the sweet corn with chocolate sauce drizzled over it? Now we know that not every fusion dish will impress the taste buds, but let’s appreciate the length to which the creativity flows! Internet sure is one amazing place, isn’t it? And If you thought the trend of fusion dishes was over, think again. A Twitter user recently spotted 'Pani Puri Shawarma' on an eatery's menu, and people are having a great time guessing what it might be. Take a look at the post he shared:

Pani Puri is a popular Indian street food that has crispy fried Puris made of atta or suji, filled with tangy and spicy water, chopped potatoes and sweet and sour chutneys. It is a tantalising street food that is popular across Indian cities and is known by different names too. For instance, Puchka in Bengal, Pani Puri in Maharashtra and Gol Gappe in Delhi and parts of Northern India. Shawarma, meanwhile, is a Lebanese treat made with chopped grilled meat and wrapping it in Pita bread along with sauces, mayo and crispy veggies. The sumptuous dish makes for a wholesome and fulfilling snack and even a meal by itself when served with mayonnaise and some pickles on the side. Now imagine what would it be like if we combine the two? 

Twitter users were quite intrigued and left to their imagination with the same question. Everyone wondered how exactly the two popular dishes would be combined together. And thus, came out a series of responses that were hilarious to say the least. Some also shared other such bizarre Pani Puri dishes that they had previously encountered. Take a look:

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