Doesn’t the thought of biting into deep-fried and crispy samosa packed with masaledaar aloo, make you slurp? High five! Just thinking about it has us drooling. A classic Indian snack often paired with shaam ki chai and served as snacks at parties, samosa has made its place in the Indian cuisine as the perfect snack for all occasions. That said, our humble samosa has gone through several experiments, not just by Master chefs of the country but also the street vendors, to give us some of the most delightful recipes like keema samosa and paneer samosa. And while we keep experimenting with the stuffings, the outer layer of samosa remains the same. The basic recipe involves the outer layer being made with maida and stuffed with a mix of spices and potatoes, but have you heard of a samosa that is made of makkhan? Yes, you read it right. A street vendor is making a samosa where the outer covering is made of white butter and the stuffing is sweet. Don't believe us? Take a look:

The video shared on Instagram by ‘eatthisagra’, shows a man grating oodles of white butter, kneading a dough of it just like the maida dough and roll into small thin circles like tiny rotis to make samosas. He then stuffs it with a sweet stuffing of khoya, gulkand and dry fruits placed in the samosa and sealed. The unique white colour of the samosa comes from the white butter. So what we get instead of a typical deep-fried maida samosa, is makkhan samosa which is sweet. Unlike usual samosas, this samosa is not deep-fried as the butter would melt if it comes in contact with hot oil. So the vendor simply dips the makkhan ka samosa in cold water to make sure it retains shape. This sweet samosa is served cold, not hot. The unique Makkhan Ke Samose are available in Agra at Bhagat Halwai, the blogger wrote in the caption.

The video has already garnered about 1.6m views and over 47k likes. People on the internet are finding it hard to believe that a samosa, which isn’t fried or made with maida, also exists. While some thought it might be delicious, some criticized the frozen dish that is unlike the samosa they know and love. One netizen was so perplexed that they commented "fry kese kia", the other was just shocked to see a samosa made completely out of white butter. 

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