Viral: Toddler Asking For Sweets Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet Today, 2 Sweet Recipes Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, The cute kid is making us crave desserts!

Those who have a sweet tooth find it really hard to resist the sight of doughnuts, cakes, tarts and the like. Well, it is quite understandable. I, for one, do not have a sweet tooth while my mother and sister are huge dessert lovers. After each meal, they take turns to go to the kitchen in search of the something sweet and when they don’t find one, the look on their faces is a must-watch. This reminds us of something extremely adorable that is doing the rounds on the Internet today. 

Recently, an Instagram user, @karaleapior shared a video of her daughter @frankipior asking for sweets in her kiddish tone on her handle. The kid is seen uttering names of several sweetmeats out of her mouth. She mentions pancakes, cakes and more. It is a video compilation of a series of clips shot at different times of the day. We can’t wait for you to see how she looks so here you go. 

Source: Karaleapior/Instagram

In the video, the toddler begins by saying “Can I have some mo syrup?”, following which she goes on to ask for pancakes and says that she wants her mummy to have them. In another clip, she is seen taking away the cake from her dad saying that it’s “sugar for him” and not for her. She also asks her mother for a honey and knife and adds the word “please” when she is asked to request politely. The way the kid jumps and gets excited just by looking at the sweet meats is enough evidence of her sweet tooth. 

Her mother comments on the video, saying “She actually eats pretty healthy, which is likely why she gets excited when she does get “treats”. Her sweet tooth is from her dad … I’m a salt tooth gal all the way.” The video has won hearts of over 100k people with more than 900k views on the reel. After looking at this overload of cuteness and sweetness, don’t you feel like indulging in a sweet bite too? 

Here are some sweetmeats she mentions in her video and you can have at home today. 

1.  Whole Wheat Pancakes 

Who said that pancakes can’t be healthy? We have got this amazing wheat pancake recipes for you. The dough is made from whole wheat flour, eggs, milk and baking powder. The batter is spread on a pan and the pancakes are tossed. Once done, they are topped with a chunk of butter and drizzle of honey. 

2.  Lemon Bundt Cake 

With the citrusy flavour of lemon, the bundt cake is quite interestingly shaped. The moist and soft cake and the tender crumb makes this an aromatic as well as delicious treat.