Viral: This Spicy Chicken Gravy Is Perfect For House Parties
Image Credit: Khaana/YouTube

India is known as the “Land of Spices” for a good reason. The country is blessed with a plethora of spices, from ginger to turmeric to nutmeg, all of which are sure to enhance the flavour profile of even the most basic of dishes. Other crown jewels of the Indian cuisine, especially in some regions of North and South India, are its rich and hearty meats. Chicken, specifically, is favoured in a range of recipes because not only is it delicious but also healthy as it is packed with protein, making it a wholesome and fulfilling meal option.

Chicken gravies, to be consumed with flatbreads as well as rice, are cooked in several households across India; these are usually simple to cook. However, a special recipe took the simple chicken gravy to the next level, making it ideal to serve during house parties and other notable events. This recipe combines the classic chicken with the nation’s love of spices, producing a mouthwatering spicy chicken gravy. Uploaded on the YouTube channel titled “Khaana,” this recipe has already racked up a staggering 8.4 million views.

The overall reception to this spicy chicken recipe has been glowing with commenters praising the ease of the recipe as well as its delectable flavours. The video begins with the home chef assembling all the ingredients needed for this dish, including different cuts of raw chicken, oil, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chilli powder, garam masala, chicken masala, ginger garlic paste, and salt. Then, the chef is shown to be frying onions in a pan till they assume a brownish colour after which all the aforementioned ingredients are slowly one-by-one added to the onion mixture.

After allowing the mixture to simmer for a while, the chef introduces a bowl of water to the blend to ensure that the gravy is nice and thick. Subsequently, the chef puts a lid over the pan to enable the dish to cook well, giving the mixture periodic stirs at regular intervals now and again. Once the chef has made sure that the dish has been cooked properly and that the chicken is decadent and juicy, she sprinkles raw coriander over dish to give it an extra hint of spice and flavour.

The dish, now ready to serve, is arranged on a plate and other condiments, such as raw onions and a lemon are added as decorations. Just like that, the homemade spicy chicken gravy is ready to enjoy! Be sure to serve this simple and time-honoured recipe at your next house party to ensure your guests experience a memorable feast. You can also add your own unique flair to the dish by experimenting with different ingredients and spices. After all, home cooking is all about letting your creative juices flow!