Viral: This Raja-Rani Paratha Is Winning The Internet, But Why?
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India has no dearth of parathas. They are found in all shapes, colours, and sizes across the country. From Punjab’s loaded aloo paratha to Kerala’s flaky Malabar Parotta, to Bengal’s meat-filled Mughlai Paratha, the options are endless. Paratha essentially is a flatbread that is cooked on a skillet with a hint of oil, it may or may not be stuffed. Interestingly, parathas also find mention in ancient texts like Manasolassa, a 12th-century Sanskrit Encyclopedia compiled by king Someshwara III.

Today, of course, there are many, many variations of paratha, some of which are enumerated above, but the dish is so pliable that you cannot stop yourself from experimenting with it. If you take a stroll down the street, you would find many parathewalahs giving their own spin to the flatbread. Recently, we came across the gag-worthy, gulab jamun paratha, but we guess we have found something that can help wash down the image.  

This Raja-Rani Paratha is a loaded, stuffed, and cheesy take on the typical paratha. Sold in Surat’s Sai Sujal Paratha, this paratha is going viral again. This time through a reel created by Instagrammer @thefoodiecam. The reel has clocked more than 1.2 million views so far, and the making of this paratha is all thing mesmerising, if you happen to be a cheese and paratha lover.  

To make this paratha, she first prepares the masala with finely chopped carrots, beans, onions, capsicum, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, chilli masala, garlic paste, red chilly powder, turmeric, coriander powder, grated paneer, grated cheese. Everything is mashed together until well-combined. This stuffing is placed in the centre of the dough and rolled out flat. The paratha is roasted on both sides and kept aside. On the same tawa, she roasts some part of the mixed vegetables stuffing again with more mayonnaise and props it on top of the paratha, post which she grates some cheese on top of the paratha and serves it hot with chutneys.

In one of the videos shot by YouTuber @Aamchi Mumbai. A couple came to have a paratha during a rainy evening and demanded something special. So the vendor heeded and created this paratha, especially for the lovers, and decided to name her new creation, the raja-rani paratha.  

How do you like the paratha, do let us know? And if you are craving some cheese paratha after watching all the cheese, maybe you can try making this.