Talk of Indian street food and the discussion cannot end without the mention of tantalising Gol Gappas. Let’s just agree that Gol Gappa is a much-loved street food dish. The popularity is quite evident given how it is available in almost every Indian state, with different names though. Be it Puchka in Bengal, Pani Puri in Maharashtra or Gupchup in parts of Odisha, the crispy puris filled with chatpata teekha paani and boiled potatoes, chana, chutneys and spices are a hit everywhere. People love it so much that just a simple video of the making of Gol Gappa is enough to make us drool. Don’t believe us? Well, recently a captivating video of the behind-the-scenes work of the process of making Gol Gappa went viral. No, it wasn't a bizarre recipe of it, but just the puris being fried to crisp was satisfying enough for us to get hooked. The strangely satisfying video is definitely giving us another reason to love this dish. You must take a look at the video to know what we are talking about:


In the short 10-second video, we see the process of deep-frying the puris for Gol Gappas. Raw Gol Gappas are put into hot oil, and the moment they fry on one side, they automatically flip around on their own. Doesn’t the amazing Gol Gappa video make for a satisfying watch? It is somehow magical. Shared by user u/PorkyPain in the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying on Saturday, the video has already garnered over 65k upvotes and hundreds of comments. While some expressed their amazement, others admitted to watching the video on repeat. 

"The way these Indian Gol-Gappes flip on their own," wrote the user in the caption of the post. “The way they coordinate with each other and synchronize their flip is impressive. Okay guys we go on 3...” commented a user. “I've watched this for 5 hours now.” said another. 

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