A roll is one food item that has no fixed meal course. Personally, it’s my go-to option for a quick dinner but depending on the ingredients, I can also devour it as an evening snack. It is such an easy meal to prepare, just toss in some veggies, meat if you prefer non-vegetarian, along with chunky sauces and spices together and roll it in a paratha or roti. Quick, delicious and wholesome! No wonder it’s also a treat for when hunger strikes at odd hours. What could be better than devouring a roll at such times? And if you aren’t in a mood to DIY, go out and you’ll see countless street food vendors selling a variety of rolls. Choose a roll full of veggies or meat, or try the quirky versions of rolls made with chowmein, pasta, and so on. Yes, there are many offbeat rolls that you can get your hands on. But ever tried a roll made with 30 eggs, a bunch of veggies and some sauces?  Shocked, well believe it or not, this exists! 

In a recent video uploaded by Instagram food vlogger @oye.foodieee, we can see a street vendor in Noida making this huge roll. The video begins with the vendor preparing the stuffing with shreds of cabbage, onions, carrots and more on a tawa and cooks it with a whole lot of spices, and keep it aside. Next, he take several roundels of dough and rolls out a massive roti out of it. As he cooks the roti, he breaks 30 eggs over it, you read that right. He mixes the eggs on the roti and then flips it to cook it. Once the eggs are ready, he adds the filling in the middle, tops it with raw onions and two types of sauces, roll it and serve hot and fresh. As per the blogger, this street vendor sits in Brahmputra Market, Noida. Take a look at the video here:


Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered more than 5 million views, over 320k likes and hundreds of comments. While some people have called this roll “amazing” and “tasty” and said they would like to try it, some were concerned about the freshness of eggs, and how this is a "wastage of food." "What If a single unfresh or too old egg drops in roll? The whole roll gets spoil.. I would say it's unhealthy." Another user said, "It's not an egg roll, it's a death roll." 

Nevertheless, most comments were about how delicious the roll must be. One user wrote, "This is a treat to my eyes." Another user added, "This roll is worth a shot!" 

What do you think about this massive egg roll? Let us know.