Viral: This Mashed Potato And Gravy Cake Is The Latest Buzz On The Internet
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Potatoes and gravy for a cake seem odd but find out how it looks.

Bizarre food combinations are the newest craze these days. In India, we have witnessed several of them in the past and each day, something new comes up. The trauma of oreo pakodas and oreo maggis was just about to settle in when we encountered another weird creation. The mashed potato and gravy cake is going viral and we don’t understand why. The strangeness of things seems to attract netizens a lot these days. However, this not-so-conventional cake has left most users disappointed. Let’s find out why. 

Usually, we envision cakes as something sweet. From chocolate to butterscotch and fruity flavours like mango and strawberry, cakes are baked with all things sweet. This food blogger had something else in mind when he baked a mashed potato and gravy cake. A video of this weird cake was shared by Darius Williams on his Instagram handle and soon after, a Twitter user called @Getthebagcoach made the video live on his page. This picked up and created a rage among the Twitter users. Here’s what we are talking about. 

               Source: Maybe:Jacoby/Twitter

He begins the video by saying, “You’re hungry? Let’s make somethin’”. He brings all the ingredients like onion powder, garlic powder, chicken and olive oil. He adds everything to a container with water and heats it up over a flame. Then he stirs it continuously. He moves on to a cake stand and dunks some mashed potatoes on the base. He then places layers of the cake one by one, slathering each of them with the mixture he made earlier. After that is done, he covers the entire cake mount with mashed potatoes and tops it with fried chicken pieces like cherries on the cake. He drizzles copious amounts of gravy on the cake and garnishes it with chopped coriander. 

While taking a bite of this cake he seems quite happy, the Twitter handle which reposted this video, captioned it saying, Y’all let this man become a social media “chef” and look what he making…. This is y’all fault”. Most comments seemed to agree and were disgusted by this weird creation. 

Here are some delicious cakes that can make the memory of this disaster go away. 

1.  Apple Cake 

This fruity cake is a delight for the sweet toothers. Layered with slices of chopped apples, the cake is soft and spongy while the fruit lends a tinge of sweetness and crunch. 

2.  Almond Amaretto Bundt Cake 

This cute and delicious bundt cake is made with the goodness of almonds. The cake is drizzle with a creamy sauce and served.