Think of a quick fix for hunger pangs and a plate of piping hot pasta makes us drool every time. It is easily one of the quickest, one of the most loved one pot meals across age groups. Made with flour, pasta can be formed into sheets, strips or any other shape. In fact, you'll find over 600 pasta shapes across the globe. Yet, the problem occurs when your family or friends are craving pasta but can’t decide on which shape to cook. Been there? I love penne but my brother prefers fusilli all the time. And then I crave ravioli too at times. That’s when the fight ensues. But say no more now as an Instagram user might have found a solution for the problem.   

A US-based realtor Jessica Nakamura, who goes by the handle on Instagram, shared a video on the social media platform that showed how we can cook different shapes of pastas together. "When your family can't agree on what pasta shape to eat… You get creative", she wrote in the caption. The post also contained the hashtags "mom hacks" and "life hack". The viral video shows her boiling a handful of pasta in water through a sieve. Through This way one will be able to cook small quantities of two different kinds of pasta in the same vessel. Isn’t it amazing? Take a look at the viral pasta hack here:

The video has gone viral and received over 9 million views and 259k likes. And while several people commented about how smart the hack is, even this came with its own limitations. In a video posted later, Jessica tried cooking small-sized pasta and linguine in the same vessel but her hack failed, even though the video went viral yet again. The video shows how the long strands of pasta also entered the sieve and mixed with the other kind of pasta. The video was titled, "When your viral hack fails." The caption read, "So last week I posted about my pasta cooking hack and it blew up. Well, I tried making linguine this week and… failed lol." This video too garnered over 6.7 million views. Take a look:


Isn’t it amazing how simple kitchen hacks can reduce the time taken during cooking? So now if you have started to crave pasta, we’ve got a perfect recipe for you to try at home right here.