Viral: This Ice Cream Biryani Is Tickling Our Taste Buds, Tried It Yet?
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, With a variety of flavours, the ice cream is truly a biryani.

 All the ice cream lovers in the house, this one is for you. Ice cream, for the unversed, is a frozen form of milk that is flavoured with other ingredients like syrups, fruits, nuts etc. You have a variety of ice creams available around the world, from rich flavours to serving methods. In a cup, in a cone, in a stick, in a brick, in a tub, in a waffle and the possibilities are endless. You can even pick the kind of cone you want, a waffle cone, a normal cone, a crunchy cone etc. This kind of diversity makes ice cream a loved dessert. It is a simple and delicious chilled dessert that is usually savoured in the hot summer months. 

Now, what if we tell you that there’s ice cream being served in a handi too? Would you believe us? Not until you see what we are about to show you. Recently, a food blogger called @foodexplore_ani took to his Instagram handle to share a reel of the unique ice cream he had. Known as ice cream biryani as per the caption of the post, this interesting ice cream dish is available at Budget Hyper Market in Kerala’s Mallapuram city. We won’t keep you waiting so take a look. 

Source: Food Explore Ani/Instagram

The video gives you a tour of the supermarket inside which the eatery is located. Tempting us with all things sweet and tasty, we finally witness the much-awaited ice cream biryani. The beautifully-painted handi (pot) comes loaded with ice cream. The scoops of a variety of ice creams are dunked into the handi and a chocolate wafer stick is placed on the side. The chopped nuts are sprinkled on top along with dried fruits and the handi comes in a majestic way, placed on a plate with smoke coming out of it. This magical presentation of the ice cream biryani makes it even more appetizing. 

While this ice cream biryani seems a worthy combination to try, we have some more ice cream recipes that can tickle your taste buds. 

1.  Chocolate Ice Cream 

This one is a kid’s favourite and comes with a stick. You can make a smooth chocolaty mixture and pour it in popsicle moulds. Dip a stick in the centre of the chocolate mixture and let it freeze. Your stick ice cream will be ready. 

2.  Almond Joy Ice Cream 

You can try this ice cream in a waffle cone. The vegan ice cream is made from coconut cream, frozen bananas and almond extract. This is all churned together in a blender to give a smooth texture and then frozen in a box. Scoop out and dunk in a cone to relish it. Sprinkle some chopped almonds on top. 

3.  Avocado Ice Cream 

Enjoy scoops of this bright-green coloured ice cream in a cup. Reminding us of nature, this ice cream is made from the pulp of avocado and is totally vegan and paleo-friendly too. The creaminess of the ice cream owes itself to the avocado mash.