Viral: This Genius Kitchen Hack Shows How To Prolong The Shelf Life Of Avocados
Image Credit: Since ripe avocados can get spoilt very easily, we can simply find ways to last them longer. Image: Freepik

If you think cooking is just about prepping what to eat, you can’t be more wrong. While it is definitely fun to prepare new and exciting dishes every day, cooking goes much beyond it. From making sure the ingredients are stocked, to cleaning and keeping them fresh too comes into the process, making it a tad bit tedious. What if the avocados you want to use for your toast aren’t fresh? Or if you use rotten tomatoes for your tomato soup? This is why making sure your ingredients stay fresh for long too come into the whole process of cooking. And while we may know how to make an amazing avocado toast, we may not know how to increase the shelf life of avocadoes. This is why we always seek help from the internet! Cooking hacks and kitchen tips we find online make our life a whole lot easier and help us solve tiny problems that we face daily. For instance, today, we have found another hack, one that shall help prolong the shelf life of avocados, and it is so ingenious that the hack has gone viral! The video has over 1.6 million views and 76k likes. 

Avocados are super expensive, right? And if you are someone who loves to binge on it, wouldn’t it be better if you buy at once and store for longer instead of buying it every now and then? Since ripe avocados can get spoilt very easily, ending up as environmental and financial waste, we can simply find ways to last them longer. This simple hack shared by @creative_explained on Instagram shows how we can prolong the shelf life of avocados. All we have to do is place the avocados in a jar, fill the jar with water, seal the jar airtight and store it in the fridge, and that's it! The avocados shall stay fresh for up to two weeks. Yes, you read that right. Take a look: