Needless to say, the year 2021 was full of internet trends that kept us hooked throughout the year. While some of these trends made our lives easy and made us laugh, some also made us scream “ugh!” in disgust. As the year is finally coming to an end, why not end it on a good note with a viral trend that will help us and put an end to one of the persistent miseries that new bakers come across?

As New Year’s Day is just around the corner, we know you all are busy prepping for your new year party. And needless to say, good food is a ubiquitous part of any celebration. The lack of time and plethora of preps make us go for one of the simplest cooking methods- baking. Baked goodies appeal to and woo the simplest of minds to take another bite. The myriads of delicious cookies, cakes and puddings are the ones to occupy our dining tables first. Although the cakes and puddings are easy to put together with the right quantities of ingredients and the right method, cookies are often hard to nail. These tiny baked mates usually come in weird shapes and sizes. So, to put an end to this misery, an Instagram user has come up with an easy trick.

The popular blogger Iryna Naum shared this hack on her Instagram handle @irynanaumov six days ago. The hack showed freshly baked cookies being brought to perfectly round shapes with the help of a round glass or cup. The hack showed the cookies being rotated in a circular motion with the bottom of the cup or glass and brought to a perfectly round shape in a jiffy.

This clever, easy and impressive hack won the hearts of the netizens in no time who showered the reel with likes and comments. The cookies were baked to perfection and were perfectly round like the bakers. An Instagram user with the username @ultimate_chaos_incarnate commented “what kind of magic is this?” while another with the username @sierratrann commented, “this is the best example I’ve seen so far”.

If you are struggling with weirdly-shaped cookies too, use this hack to make them round and let us know if the hack works. We’ll be waitin’.