Viral: This Chocolate And Chilli Lassi Has Left The Netizens Gobsmacked

If there was anything that kept us sane throughout 2021, it was the internet. From millions of dance tutorials and trends to satisfying and weird food trends alike, the internet did its best to lift our spirits during the pandemic. 

Out of all the viral food trends on the internet in 2021, the trends of combining our favourite foods were among the most viewed. But were they appealing enough? Well, we know the kinds of food combos that left the internet shocked for real. From chocolate Maggi to Ferrero rocher Manchurian, some of our favourite foods were combined together to make us doubt our food choices. However, many food combos have given us delicious dishes to relish. And we see that a recent internet trend making rounds on the internet is able to satisfy the palates of many. The trend is a quirky version of our favourite summer cooler- lassi.

The OG summer cooler of India- lassi has undergone numerous makeovers over time and we are all for them. From strawberry lassi to rabdi lassi and mango lassi- the drink has numerous versions made with a variety of ingredients. However, have you ever imagined combining lassi and chocolate? Yes, you heard it right. A US-Indian food blogger with the username @chillipeppercooks posted a video on his Instagram handle in which he made a gooey and chocolatey version of lassi by adding the famous chocolate Toblerone to it. Sounds intriguing enough? Well, there is more. He further added a tablespoon of deseeded green chilli-infused honey to the drink and blended it to make the drink. We know you are equally shocked as us but trust us when we say this- the green chilli doesn’t make the lassi spicy.

The food blogger is seen to add a cup of plain yogurt, a cup of milk, a tablespoon of milk powder, a tablespoon of Thai chilli pepper honey and Toblerone chocolate to a blender. He blends the drink till the chocolate is completely mixed in the drink which gives him a chocolatey, smooth and delicious drink to savour.

The video has around  360k views and has gained the blogger mixed comments from the netizens. A person with the username @regardlessbravo commented “Wow the Thai chillis  I’m amazed every time, you’re crazy in the best type of way” while another with the username @kill._.meh2 wrote, “Man u ruined the recipe”. However, we would never know the taste until we try it ourselves.

So, are you captivated enough to try this combination at home? Well, to be honest, we are intrigued enough to give the classic lassi a chocolatey and spicy twist and see how it turns out. If you try it at home, let us know how you like it.