Viral: This 2-Kg ‘Jaleba’ Has Left Netizens Drooling
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

The love affair between Indians and sweets is no more a secret affair. You spell ‘indulgence’ and we Indians hear ‘mithai’ for sure. No brownie points for guessing the endless obsession with the vast array of sweetmeats. From the gooey and mouth-watering kheer to the melt-in-mouth sandesh and barfi, we can never get enough of desserts. One such delicious sweetmeat that everybody in this country loves is the OG jalebi. The coiled delicacy has tugged at our heartstrings for ages now and we cannot deny the fact. 

The moment we see a halwai piping the jalebi mixture into the hot oil, our mouth doesn’t stop salivating till we get to relish the first bite of the sugar-soaked crispy delight. This obsession has given way to a variety of experiments with the sweetmeat across the world. On this note, we have brought before you the recent experiment with jalebi that is making the netizens go gaga.

An Amritsar-based food vendor is seen making a jumbo jalebi, called jaleba. In the video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @instaepicure, a vendor is seen piping jalebi mixture into hot ghee and deep-frying a gigantic jaleba. After piping the mixture, he proceeds to add dollops of ghee and then finally soaks the jaleba in sugar syrup before serving. According to the food blogger, the jaleba weighs around 2 kilograms. The video has gathered around 842k views, 27k likes and hundreds of comments. The comments section is filled with comments from netizens who are excited enough to try this. Take a look:

“Damn that’s like a month dessert for me 😂😍”

“Woah yahi chhaiye yar ❤️❤️”

“This is very tempting ❤️love it”

Do you want to try this huge jaleba? Head to Gurdas Ram Jalebiwale in Amritsar. Try it out and let us know how you like it.