Food challenges are the order of the day. From Bahubali Thali to Mount Everest Ice Gola, street food vendors are going out of their way to make you realise that size, indeed matters. As much of a glutton you are, how readily would you sign up for thalis that weigh eight kilos, or ice golas that are two feet in height? And, what if there is hefty prize money attached? 

In one of the latest food challenges that have gone viral on the internet, we stumbled upon a dosa that is a whopping 10 feet in length. Called the ‘Kumbhakaran Dosa’, this gigantic dosa can be found in Swami Shakti Sagar, a humble eatery in Uttam Nagar, Delhi.  

Dosa is one of South India’s most beloved crepe dishes that has found a legion of fans up in North India, especially Delhi. The same is evident from the multiple dosa points that line the city. There are many sizes of dosa, it could be size of a bowl or the size of a big thali, but rarely do you find dosas as huge and magnificent.

For the uninitiated, Kumbhakaran, was a mythical character in Ramayana. The brother of Ravana, Kumbhakaran was renowned giant across Lanka, there happened to be no one as huge as him in the entire city. Due to a boon, he would sleep for 6 months and as soon as he would wake up, he would be so hungry he would eat everything in sight which would eventually fatigue him and put him back to sleep. Till date, Kumbhakaran is recalled for his love for sleep and insatiable appetite.  

Much like Kumbhakaran, these dosas are not only huge, but also fit for someone with an unusually big appetite. The video of Kumbhakaran Dosa that was uploaded by the YouTube Channel ‘Are You Hungry’ on Monday has already clocked in more than 1 million views within just one day of going live.  

The Making Of Kumbhakaran Dosa

In the video, the shopkeeper can be heard saying that one cannot find this big a dosa in entire Delhi. Multiple Dosas are doled out on a pan that is 10 feet in length and connected with the help of a bowl. “Aadha Pateela Lag Jata Hai (takes half a cauldron)”, the shopkeeper replies upon being asked the batter that is consumed to make the Kumbhakaran Dosa. The dosa is greased generously with salted butter. Once the edges start to separate, the aloo masala is spread all across the dosa with the help of a spatula, followed by grated paneer. The dosa is rolled and served in a long rectangular tray with multiple bowls of sambhar, chutney and gulab jamun.  

The dosa does look like a vision and the people in the comments agreed too that the challenge was indeed a difficult one. “Its not a mistake but a masterpiece”, read a comment.  “Liver,Kidney,heart,intestine,stomach be like:- Bhai reham kar!”, read another tongue-in-cheek comment.  

Would you try this Dosa? Do let us know.