Viral: The Internet Is Having A Tough Time Digesting This Butter-Cheese Corn Sabzi
Image Credit: Instagram @foodie_incarnate

If you have been cooking Indian food for a while, you would know that you can make a ‘sabzi’ out of anything. While traditionally, ‘sabzi’ means vegetables or a combination of vegetables cooked together with spices and/or yogurt, however nowadays, you do not even need a single vegetable to cook a sabzi, it seems. Take, for instance, this butter-cheese corn sabzi, that is going viral on social media for the amount of cheese and butter used in its preparation.  

The video of the ‘sabzi’ posted by popular food blogger and YouTuber Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate), has collected close to 768k views in just a day of going live. In the video we see a Kolkata-based vendor, emptying two full cans of processed cheese and grating the same. He adds the grated cheese to the big kadhai, followed by a big blob of butter which is so big that he has to cut them in two pieces to add to the Kadhai. Further, the vendor adds heaps of sweet corn kernels to the kadhai and stirs everything together to make a rich, thick and creamy sabzi.  

Since the sabzi was being made in bulk, the amount of cheese and butter was also scaled up accordingly. But even then, it has to be one of the most cheesy food items we have seen on the internet lately and seems like we are not alone.  

The comments section is filled with a range of reactions, while some cannot stop drooling over the dish, some are having a tough time grappling with the sheer quantity of cheese and butter used, something most street food vendors of India are notorious for. Sure, we love all things cheesy, but how much is too much?

Corn to butter mein he kho gya (Corn has disappeared in butter)”, wrote a user.  

Ye butter or cheese ki sbji m corn garnishing k liye bs dala gya h shyd (Corn was perhaps used as garnishing in the sabzi of butter and cheese)”, commented another user.

Many also raised concerns about the ‘cholesterol’ levels of the sabzi

Bhaiya thoda sa heart attack dena. Extra cheese ke sath, (Some heart attack with extra cheese to go, please), read a witty remark.

Lagta hai hospital walo ke saath collaboration kr rkha hai (Seems like they have collaborated with some hospital), wrote another user.  

What do you think about the sabzi? Will you like to try this or will you pass? Do let us know.