Viral: Spaniard’s Reaction After Eating Chicken Tikka Masala Is Winning The Internet
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram video by @fatimadetetuan

No brownie points for guessing that Indian cuisines have many fans around the globe. From the spicy and robust curries to the irresistibly delicious snacks and appetisers, the world has not only accepted but also loved our country’s culinary styles for their vibrant flavours. Even the ones who try it for the first time cannot get over it. Such was the case with a Spanish woman, who tried the popular chicken tikka masala with naan. And her reaction has gone viral on the internet. Twenty-year-old Fatima De Tetuan, from Spain, recently tried the desi recipe for the first time at a restaurant in Madrid.  

The short clip starts with Fatima sitting at a restaurant with a big bowl of chicken tikka masala and naan in front of her. Excitedly, she took a bite of the curry with the naan and seemed to be completely bowled over by its taste. With her eyes widened, she exclaimed, “Wow, this is amazing! How did I miss out my whole life on this food (sic),” she added. She then tries the chicken and says that it was the best thing I had ever eaten in her life. 

She has uploaded a video of her experience and it immediately went viral on the internet. “I can't believe I haven't tried any (Indian) foods in my 20 years of life,” she captioned the Instagram video and also sought suggestions on what she should try next. Take a look:

The post has received more than 1m views and over 110k likes since being shared. The comments on her video were all relatable, as people revealed how Indian food truly is magical. “You just realised what it feels like to truly live,” said one user while another user wrote how it can be her go-to food. A user also shared her first experience with Indian food and wrote, “When I ate Indian food for the first time, I almost cried. I’m not going to lie.” 

Chicken tikka masala is one of my most favourite dishes. A thick and creamy gravy, with succulent chicken pieces dunked in, it tastes the best with boiled rice, roti or naan.  

Like me, if you are craving some chicken tikka masala, fret not. It isn’t as tough to cook as you may think. All you need is chicken, yoghurt and a handful of spices to marinate the meat. Dip the marinated chicken in tomato cream sauce, cook it and your sumptuous chicken tikka masala is ready to be devoured.  

Here’s a complete recipe of chicken tikka masala for you to try. Cook it at home and share your experience with us.