Viral: Sara Ali Khan’s Shayarana Take On ‘Khana Khazana’ Is Super Relatable
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @saraalikhan95

Sara Ali Khan is one Bollywood actress we can all relate to. From her dreamy vacations to beaches and mountains to her hilarious shayaris about life and adventures or her food shenanigans, everything about Sara Ali Khan’s social media feed is super relatable. And while the actor is super busy with her schedules, she makes sure to strike a balance with her favourite activities- one of them being eating good food. Sara is one actor who doesn't shy away from showing off her love for food. Well, looking at Sara you may not believe it, but the ‘Kedarnath’ actor is a self-confessed foodie. Believe it or not, the actress manages to balance out her rigorous fitness regime with her favourite foodie cravings. Her Instagram Stories are proof of that. Remember recently we told you how she was indulging in a table full of decadence including chocolate-covered pancakes to poached eggs on toast? Or the time when in a ‘This or That’ session on Instagram, she chose food over friends! Well, as a foodie I can totally relate to Sara Ali Khan’s choices.  

Now in the latest session of ‘Ask Me Anything’ or AMA, that Sara hosted on her Instagram, she has taken her love for food to another height. Sara dedicated another hilarious shayari to her love for food. When one of her fans asked her to “write a shayari on everyone’s first love- FOOD", Sara shared a drool-worthy picture of Sarson Da Saag topped with dollops of butter paired with Makki Roti and pickle. Alongside the picture she wrote the shayari “Khana Khazana Jeene Ka Bahana Chitta Makkhan Roti Par Lagana Lekin Phir Ruk Bhi Jana Otherwise Motapa Poori Dunia Ko Darshana.” If that’s not relatable, I don’t know what is! Take a look at the picture Sara shared: 

Sara’s hidden advice in the shayari must have hit the right chord with those who understood it. Sara, in her own humorous way, suggested keeping the butter on roti at bay or else the fat will be visible to the world. Well, that’s an interesting way for sure. 

In another AMA question a fan asked Sara to post a pic with her brothers. In response, she posted a collage of three pictures, one with each- Ibrahim, Taimur and Jeh, while staying true to her foodie side. In each of the pictures Sara is seen feeding food to the brothers. Take a look: 


Isn’t that so cute!? We can’t wait to see more from Sara’s food diaries.