Viral: Try Sai Kumari Aunty's Meals Under Rs 150 In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of Nizams boasting a princely legacy and a flavourful cuisine. People around the world visit this city not only for sightseeing but also to have a unique culinary experience. Hyderabad cuisine, also referred to as Deccani cuisine, is a blend of Mughlai, South Asian, Arabic, and Turkish cuisines, making its dishes a must-try whenever you are in the city.

Video Credit: Indian Food Loves You/ YouTube

Under Hyderabadi cuisine, one can find most dishes made of rice, meat, and wheat. Hyderabadi dum biryani is renowned around the world for its lip-smacking taste because of which tourists stock up on it and its mixture when they are heading home. Apart from this, even the street food of Hyderabad is equally famous.

In the busy streets of the city is Sai Kumari, who is popular among locals for selling delicious veg and non-veg meals under Rs 150. Mostly dressed in a saree, you will witness this superwoman always surrounded by large steel utensils containing sumptuous food, and if food blogging videos are believed to be true, her stall is always bustling with people shouting for their orders. 

Indian Food Loves You, a YouTube channel featuring the best street food joints across cities in India featured her in one of their videos a couple of weeks ago, and it garnered thousands of views. Located opposite Inorbit Mall, Beside ITC Kohenur Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Sai Kumari, also called Sai Kumari Aunty by locals, has a makeshift stall that she sets every day. Apart from flavourful delicacies in what seems like eco-friendly disposables, the woman also sells water bottles to her customers. 

Sai Kumari Aunty Food Menu

Between 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm, she sells meals catering to the demands of customers with vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet preferences. These are unlimited meals allowing customers to ask for refills as many times as they want. 

You can get an unlimited chicken meal, including chicken curry and rice, for just Rs 120. She also sells mutton bati curry with rice, dal rice, coconut chutney, vegetarian curry with rice, and more. She accepts cash as well as UPI payment, making it easier for customers to order and enjoy. Many people also visit her stall, get their meals packed, and take them home to enjoy with friends and family. 

Many food blogging channels on YouTube have featured this woman and labelled her dishes the best street food to try in Hyderabad. Next time you visit the city of Nizams, you know where to get budget-friendly delicious meals to beat hunger pangs.