Viral: ‘Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi’ Baffles The Internet
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock/Instagram

It’s probably safe to say that instant Maggi noodles have been our companion at least at one point of our life. Speaking of memories, Maggi noodles have been one of our favourite lunchbox items, for which we have even fought with friends and siblings. Cut to recent times, this well-loved food item has been subjected to a great deal of experimentation by street food vendors, who are trying to cash in on the bizarre food trends that go viral on the internet.

And it’s not just with Maggi, momos, ice creams, and biryanis have also fallen victim to the weird food trends that on some days seem funny, while at other times are cringe-worthy. Some fusion foods are welcomed, but some bizarre combinations have left netizens confused. Foodies online are often left aghast at some of the dishes that the vendors whip up. If Chai Maggi and Fanta Maggi weren’t enough, this new dish that combines Maggi noodles and raspberry ice cream is here to leave you stunned. Take a look at the latest bizarre recipe:

Shared on Instagram by @radiokarohan, the video of the Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi has received over thousands of likes, comments and shares in a short span of time. In the clip, we could see the making of the bizarre Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi. To make it, the Maggi noodles are boiled and cooked in a kadhai with its masala. While it is cooking, the vendor drops a full raspberry ice cream ice lolly into the kadhai to infuse the flavours of the ice cream into the dish. 

What’s worse is that even the ice cream stick was not removed from the ice lolly. Next, the cooked noodles are scooped out into a waffle cone, just like a regular ice cream. The vendor then tops it with some grated cheese and serves it to a customer. Even the cone couldn’t handle the heat and it started to melt. 

Netizens were bewildered to see such a bizarre experiment. The video, thus, saw all sorts of comments, some angry, others hilarious. While a lot of people found the commentary by a radio jockey funny and relatable, several others left their comments saying how disturbing the creation was. "Are you serious", asked one user, while another said, "Creativity is on peak level!" What are your thoughts on the Raspberry Ice Cream Maggi? Let us know.