Viral: Ranveer Singh Reveals His Breakfast, And Here’s How You Can Make It Too
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @ranveersingh

Movie stars and celebrities have a pretty hectic lifestyle, as they are constantly in the limelight. Being a celebrity after all isn’t a piece of cake! To look good and fit at all times, one needs to adhere to a strict routine and a specific diet in order to maintain a balance and create a healthy lifestyle. One can’t afford to eat just about anything and everything endlessly without a measured plan, if you wish to build the muscle and abs that celebrities often flaunt. As per many health experts and dietitians, the key to leading such a lifestyle is a healthy breakfast. 

From health nutritionists to certified doctors, almost everybody advises one to have a wholesome, hearty and nutritional breakfast. And it seems like actor Ranveer Singh also agrees to that. The Bollywood star, last seen in 83, recently revealed his weekday breakfast and we were pleasantly surprised by what he eats to start the day. So, what exactly does he eat for his breakfast? Take a look:

 The energy highball of the industry recently hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on Instagram stories where someone asked him about what he had for breakfast. He then revealed exactly what he had on a Wednesday morning. And well, the menu was long but seemed to be a balanced one.  

He started with a bowl of oats, measured to be 130 grams, with 15 gms of nuts and 5 gms chocolate chips. Post which, he enjoyed immunity-boosting shots, along with a detox drink. He concluded his meal with a probiotic drink and shilajit - ashwagandha date balls. There you go, we have one of the most important meal plans of one of the most energetic people in the film industry!  

While Ranveer may be strict about his morning meal, that certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t indulge. He is quite a foodie and many of his Instagram stories are proof of that. From delicious slices of pizza to sinful hazelnut indulgences, Ranveer does it all. But right now, we are drooling over his perfect breakfast that started with oats. And you know what? You too can make countless delicious delicacies with oats. We’ve got ideas right here.

1. Oatmeal Creme Pie

2. Oat Muffins

3. Baked Apple Pecan Oatmeal