Move Over Dalgona, Try This Viral Recipe For ‘Proffee’
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Dalgona coffee was quite the trend in 2020. Do you know why? Because, its recipe is quite simple and people can make it instantly without any hassle. In fact, dalgona coffee was one of the top searched recipes on Google, as many people tried it at home by mixing a coffee mixture over milk. During the first lockdown, when most people had just begun working from home, the trend caught on with foodies and enthusiasts trying the viral recipe at home. Caffeine addicts loved this simple coffee, although most Indians found this similar to the 'feti hui coffee,' i.e. the beaten or whipped coffee. Cut to the latest, another coffee is in trend these days. Yes, we are talking about 'proffee', which is viral on social media. Many people have tried its recipe till now. So, today, let us learn about this coffee's speciality and how you can make it.

Proffee dominates social media

Proffee was first shared on Tik Tok, but now it is viral on Instagram. There have been 66k posts on Instagram on #proteincoffee. However, at the same time, 'proffee' is a protein shake combination with coffee, in which the protein content is more, providing greater satiety and keeping the stomach full for a longer time. This coffee is becoming popular among fitness freaks, as they can consume it without any side effects.

Protein is an essential macronutrient in your diet, especially for those who want to control their increasing weight. At the same time, dieticians often advise such people to have protein instead of carbs in breakfast (first meal), as it will not make them hungry. In such a situation, if you also want to start your day with protein, proffee can be the best option.