If there's one dish that has gone beyond countries, continents and regions, it has to be the humble pizza. With fans across the globe, pizza’s crispy crusts combined with an ambrosial blend of ingredients and a gooey cheesy top, has made it an irresistible treat one cannot resist. No wonder each time I cross a pizza place, the aroma of fresh pizzas being baked makes it hard for me to not gorge on one. Native to Italy, pizza today enjoys various different types and flavours, made with different techniques, recipes and an interesting play of local ingredients in different parts of the world. 

If you talk about India, we have created interesting fusions like kulhad pizza, tandoori pizza and more that showcases our love for pizza. But now, we’ve come across a new and unique fusion dish that is no less than a culinary genius. Thanks to the internet we have encountered another such unique fusion dish that is a culinary genius. In a video shared by Shihan Chowdhury via @chillipeppercooks on Instagram, he has managed to stuff parathas with pizza to give a crispy pizza puff pastry. Take a look:

 In the video, Chowdhury teaches a quick and easy way to make pizza puff with the flakiest outer layer and the secret to the flaky and crispy puff is none other than a paratha. Yes, you read that right. He uses raw paratha as the base of the pizza, spreads the marinara sauce, top it with mozzarella cheese, places the pepperonis and chopped green chillies. At the end, he seals it all with another raw paratha placed on top of the pizza. Next, he washes the raw puff with egg and then bakes it in the oven for about 20 minutes. And what you get as the end result is a crispy, flaky and cheesy pizza puff that will make you slurp. No wonder the video has over 900k views and around 39k likes so far. 

This genius hack has obviously impressed people on the internet since we usually stuff parathas with aloo masala or paneer bhurji or egg; but who would’ve thought of making a pizza puff pastry out of it? This is just the perfect trick to make it a flaky pastry. “Those parathas are so damn good”, wrote one user, while another was definitely drooling and wrote “omg that crunch and the cheese the fluffiness.” 

 What do you think of this paratha pizza puff? Let us know.