Viral Pani Puri Shawarma Video From Surat Leaves Netizens Shocked

If the audacious nature of fusion street food around India has left you reeling, the newest addition to the roster will surely make your eyes pop. This time, a fusion called the pani puri shawarma is making waves on the internet, as a street food vendor from Surat decided to come up with the creation following his trip to Turkey. Inspired by the meaty delicacy of slow-roasted meat blanketed in warm flatbread, Ismail decided to cut up chunks of spit-roasted chicken and combine it with shredded cabbage, beetroot juliennes and deep-fried potato sticks.

The video then shows him dolloping what looks like a yoghurt-based sauce over the mixture, followed by a healthy scooping of schezwan chutney. Once combined, he cracks open a hollow puri and spoons the filling into the cavities, finishing it off with more yoghurt sauce, schezwan chutney and grated cheese. A quick toasting with a blow torch to melt the cheese and the fusion offering was ready to eat! Despite the reactions it garnered online, the vendor says that many have thronged to his cart to try the ‘culinary marvel’.

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Although most people expressed annoyance about how much cheese is used in the making of these weird fusion recipes, some even questioned where the ‘pani’ for the pani puri was. The viral video, which has over 355,000 views on X (formerly Twitter), has left netizens seething – some of whom even left comments asking him to stop this atrocity immediately. Would you try this unusual combination if you had a chance? Let us know in the comments.