The love for pani puri in India knows no bounds. Loved across age groups, pani puri is known by different names in different parts of the country. From gol gappa in north India, puchka in Bengal to gupchup in parts of Odisha, the recipe too differs a bit. But the love remains the same. Perhaps this is why, we aren’t okay with outright bizarre experiments with our favourite street food. So when a food blogger from Bengaluru tried 'pani puri ice cream' it obviously triggered truckloads of weird reactions on social media. Anjali Dhingra, a blogger in Bengaluru, took to Instagram to share her experience with the bizarre combination of pani puri and ice cream, which she revealed that she got delivered at home from an eatery in the city. 

The video begins with Anjali asking her viewers whether they have ever heard of paani puri ice cream. Holding the dessert packet, Anjali said she got it ordered from a local eatery called Dock Frost'd in Bengaluru and she was going to try it now. Anjali took out the food packet and it had a small cup with the puri neatly placed at the centre of the ice cream. Then she takes a bite, and surprisingly the puri was crispy and crunchy despite being placed in the middle of a chilled ice cream. Her first reaction after taking a bite was rather confusing but she soon revealed how the taste actually is.  Take a look at the video:

“It tastes like khatta imli ka ice cream,” she said in the video. “Without puri, it's better though. It is not that bad,” she added. While it may not be that bad, let’s just agree that pani puri is known for its tangy water and spicy stuffings. Anjali also asked the viewers how they prefer puri- with dahi or pani? Honestly, I wouldn’t trade my khatta gol gappa with anything.  

The bizarre combination got over 160k views, more than 11k likes and several comments, many of whom shared their own experience of such surprising combinations. “Back in the day, mother dairy used to have golgappa flavoured ice lollies and they were hands down the best” wrote one user while another compared it with rasgulla chat and said this might be better. Another suggested, “Aap chocolate pizza try karo [Try chocolate pizza]. It tastes amazing.”  

Keeping everything aside, if the mention of pani puri made you miss it, we’ve got the best recipe right here.