Viral: Old Delhi's Black Jalebis Have Amazed The Internet

The Internet loves quirky streetside jalebis and after the phenomenon of Mountain Dew jalebis, comes the newest obsession for netizens, black jalebi! While typical jalebis are crispy, syrupy and vibrant yellow in hue, these viral jalebis look completely different. 

These jalebis have a deep brown colour and some almost black-ish patches; these jalebis acquire these colours as they are fried for a long time in high temperatures and in a way, these jalebis are burnt to perfect the deep unusual tone.

Known as khoya jalebis or mawa jalebis these sweets are usually found in Old Delhi, particularly around the Jama Masjid area. While regular yellow or orange jalebis are made from maida khoya jalebis are essentially made with milk solids or thickened milk whipped into a mash. Milk solids typically turn black when fried in high heat and this is how these jalebis get their dark hue. 

Interestingly, these jalebis have a texture that’s slightly different than regular jalebis; these jalebis are dipped in sugary syrup and have a super crispy exterior, while the khoya makes for a delectable filling. Needless to say the Internet is not sure how to react to this street delicacy. “Ise black nahi fried bolte hai,” commented a foodie on the viral post, while someone called it ‘chocolate jalebi.’ A comment read, "It's mawa jalebi. Not the usual maida jalebi." Another added, "It's mawa Jalebi, which is such an old concept.”