Viral: Netizens Get Nostalgic About Cheeni Paratha
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Parathas make for one of the easiest and quickest desi meals for many of us. They were also a huge part of our childhood days. Today, we may prefer stuffed parathas with oodles of butter on top, but while growing up we would often find scrumptious paratha rolls tucked into our tiffin box. Besides the usual aloo or gobhi filling, at times our mother would try some special ones too. Recently, a similar paratha recipe shared by a food blogger made the internet nostalgic. 

The blogger, known as @bismillah_rasoi on Instagram, made some delicious parathas with jam and sugar filling and the recipes are now going viral. Why? Simply because these reminded people of the yummy lunch they enjoyed during the early days of their life. In the cheeni paratha recipe, a spoonful of sugar was spread on a flat roti. It was then folded and cooked on a heated tawa with a bit of ghee. Meanwhile, in the jam paratha recipe, a similar process was followed - only that the sugar was replaced with mixed fruit jam. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Take a look at the snippet from the videos here: 

Together, the cheeni and jam paratha recipe videos had over 800k views and thousands of comments. Netizens not just loved the creations, but also shared how these parathas took them back to their childhood, and made them take a walk down memory lane. While it was a favourite lunch idea for many during childhood, some confessed how they still make it, and that it is their guilty pleasure.  

"Reminds me of my old childhood days and I really miss my mom", said one user, while another wrote, "One of my favourite lunchboxes!". Others expressed their fondness for the cheeni paratha, and said it was better than any other paratha they had ever tasted. "My most favourite paratha! Aloo paratha, gobhi paratha, any paratha - sabko fail kar deta hai yeh [it beats any other paratha recipe]". People also suggested adding ghee with sugar in the stuffing or using jaggery as a healthier alternative.

A while ago chocolate paratha topped with vanilla ice cream created by a woman went viral online, but it also divided the internet. Some thought it was way too sweet, while others said it isn’t so bad.