Viral : Netizens Divided Over Hakka Noodles Cheese Sandwich
Image Credit: The sandwich is going viral on the internet

The Internet is abuzz with fusion foods that always gets people divided. Some really like to try these nice new dishes that come up every now and then, usually combining two or three popular items, while some generally believe that these kinds of fusion foods do not belong on our plates. And one thing common amongst the complaints that people make is the fact that the street vendors try to add cheese in every single dish possible- from pizza to dosa to panipuri - every single dish has a lot of cheese. but today we're going to talk about a dish that is supposed to have cheese in it and yet it has gotten netizens divided over how good it is. 

A vendor in Mumbai is selling a loaded hakka noodles cheese sandwich that is as heavy and grand as the name sounds. There are a lot of layers involved in this sandwich which most people are calling heart attack on a plate. First, the bread is layered with a lot of butter and dhaniya chutney and then there are vegetables like boiled potatoes, tomatoes and grated paneer added as the first layer. The next layer is grated vegetables along with some chaat masala and then one of the main ingredients goes - which is grated cheese. 

Video credits - @TigerVlogs.

After being topped by another layer of bread, the other hero ingredient goes – which is hakka noodles. The noodles our first doused in hot sauce, ketchup, different spices and of course – cheese. Then it is put on top of the first sandwich layer properly. The next layer is a lot of butter as well as mayonnaise and some freshly chopped onion and capsicum along with another round of chaat masala. and if you think there is enough cheese already, the sandwich is again led by a final round of grated cheese and then it is grilled in a sandwich maker. And wait we are not finished yet, after it is grilled the sandwich is cut into pieces and again topped by grated paneer and cheese!  

Don't you think that is a lot of cheese? But for cheese lovers this might be their ultimate foodie heaven. So, which side of the debate are you on? Would you like to try out this jumbo sandwich?