Omelettes are already pretty much the best breakfast foo. So, do we dare improve on them? Well, the internet did. And it is called the cloud omelette. It’s fluffy, it’s creamy and velvety. It will melt in your mouth and it has many fans across the globe. In fact, stores are opening with only one dish to serve - the cloud omelette.

However, don’t confuse the cloud omelette with the soufflé omelette. In a soufflé omelette, the egg yolk and white are whisked together to make the omelette but in the cloud omelette, the yolks and whites are whipped to stiff peaks separately. The omelette is undoubtedly labour intensive but the end product is absolutely transcendent. Don’t forget to enjoy with sausages links, a toast and a dash (or a couple) of your favourite hot sauce. Here is a great recipe for the cloud omelette:

You’ll need

2 eggs

Salt according to taste

Water according to consistency

A pinch of sugar

Two tablespoons of butter


Break the eggs and separate the egg white and yolk into two large bowls. Ensure that the bowl is large enough for the hand mixer to fit in.

To stabilise the eggs yolks and whites for whipping, add a pinch of salt to each.

Start whipping one part at a time till stiff peaks. This might take a couple of minutes.

Once both have reached the stiff peaks, fold whites into the yolk.

The end batter should have lost some volume yet should still be light and airy.

In case you over whip the batter, add a teaspoon of water to thin it out.

This would be the time for you to add your favourite seasonings. For an Italian concoction, add a sprinkle of dried basil and oregano.

For a greek version, add some thyme and fresh cut up basil.

Once the batter is ready according to your taste, pour onto a cast iron with a bit of butter and cook till both sides are golden brown and delicious.