Viral: Netizens Can Relate To Blogger’s ‘Jugaad’ To Reuse Ginger Paste Bottle
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Reel by @arshiamoorjani

Indian households are quite familiar with the concept of jugaad. It is basically the ability to make the most in a situation with minimal resources. The idea of recycling and reusing or simply not wasting anything is also one that is deeply ingrained in our minds. Are you not aware of everything from leftover dal to rice being cooked in many different ways? And then there are utensils too. Recently, a blogger showed an Indian jugaad to reuse a bottle of ginger paste and netizens are saying that they can relate to it. 

The blogger said that just like every Indian, her family also believes in recycling and reusing everything as much as possible. In the video, she reveals how a bottle of ginger paste is being used by her family to store dosa batter. Yes, you read that right. She revealed the hack on Instagram and the video has thousands of Indians across the world relating way too much. Take a look:

Shared on Instagram Reels by blogger and make-up artist Arshia Moorjani, the video starts off with her saying, “Tell me you are Indian without telling me you are Indian, I’ll go first”. The video then shows her taking out a bottle of ginger paste and emptying the content in it on a pan, which cooks up to a crispy and delicious-looking dosa. Surprised? “This ginger paste is actually the best dosa batter that my sister left in our fridge a few days ago. I was legit so confused lol but grateful for my family that will always find ways to recycle and reuse anything and everything!,” Arshia wrote in the caption. Isn’t that so creative? The video has raked in over 901k views and more than 22k likes since the time it was shared. 

The reel has won over a lot of people on Instagram, who couldn't help but relate to this video. While some pointed out how the hack was indeed impressive, and they would try it too, some said how many Asians and Africans have been recycling before it was “the right thing to do”.

Some shared their own jugaads. "The most common I have seen is saag in an ice cream container," said another one. "Masala Dabba and leftovers in the fridge in recycled yoghurt containers," commented another. 

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