Viral: Netizens Applaud Cashew Nut Processing From Scratch

Every single nut or dry fruit is loaded with ample nutritional properties. And cashew nut is no exception. Cashews have been ruling the hearts of Indians since ages. Right from eating it raw or putting it in gravies for the rich and heavenly texture, cashews have been a favourite ingredient for snacks or different meals for many people across the country. These golden, crescent-shaped gems offer rich buttery richness and subtle sweetness with a perfectly satisfying crunch. But how are cashew nuts processed? 

Here is a quick glimpse:

Well, if you too were curious about the origin and intricate processing of these nuts, we have something for you. Recently, a video showing the journey of cashew processing went viral on social. The video shared by food vlogger Saloni Bothra on Instagram, revealed the fascinating journey of cashew nuts from the very beginning to the final stage. The video features a processing plant located in Assam where the workers are seen engaged in processing cashew nuts through different stages.  

The video begins with twisting of raw cashews with the help of shovels, followed by dun drying them to get them ready for the further processing. The next step was rolling down nuts to dry them and remove excess moisture. Next, the nuts are heated, followed by the removal of outer shell covers and taking out the edible cashew kernel. Then, we can see some women separating the edible cashew kernel and opening the nuts with their hands. After the outer skin is removed, women are seen separating the impurities from cashew kernels. 

In the final cleaning process, women are seen separating the impurities from cashew kernels. The next, cashew kernels are roasted in specially designed ovens maintained at 70 degrees Celsius and tadaa, cashews nuts are good to be sold in the market. You didn’t know about the whole process, did you? The video showcasing the entire cashew processing on social media received over 57 million views, 2.4 million likes and thousands of comments. Netizens applauded the efforts and hard work of the workers engaged in cashew nut processing. 

While a user commented, “That's why it is costly, because so much effort behind it”, another user said, “Now I will not regret to pay high amount of Money for cashews”. Netizens also praised the workers, who despite coming from different communities, were working together harmoniously. However, some people were also raising questions regarding the hygiene standards during the entire process.