Viral: Man Turns His Bike Into A Sandwich Counter; Wins Netizens’ Hearts
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from YouTube video by 'Aamchi Mumbai'

Think of a quick meal and one is reminded of wraps, rolls and sandwiches. In fact, sandwiches are one of the easiest meals one can prepare. These are healthy and loved by people across all age groups. It can be grilled or simply enjoyed cold. But have you ever thought of making sandwiches on the go, that too on a motorcycle? Unbelievable, right? But guess what, a man from Surat has done that, and is now winning hearts on the internet.

In a video going viral online, we saw this man turning his Royal Enfield Bullet into a portable kitchen and selling sandwiches on it. Yes, you read that right.

In the clip shared by ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ on YouTube, one can see a man riding a motorcycle with a tandoor and a portable kitchen slab attached to it. He then parks it on the roadside to prepare some mouth-watering grilled sandwiches. 

Without compromising on hygiene, he sets up his small kitchen. He then places the charcoal in one section and lights it up with a fire spray. After chopping the veggies, onion and garlic, he takes the bread slices, spreads butter and adds a mix of chopped veggies to it. He grills it on the tandoor, cuts open the cooked sandwich and adds grated cheese to it. He melts the cheese with fire spray, which lends a smoky flavour to it and then serves it hot. Take a look at the entire process here:

Popularly referred to as ‘Sandwichwale Bullet Raja’ by the people of Surat, his unique and innovative way of selling sandwiches has also impressed the internet. After all, the video garnered more than three million views, 245k likes and thousands of comments. 

"Unreal. Much respect to this man for maintaining quality standards while also doing what he wants to (sic)," read a comment. Another person commented, “This guy is too impressive...and too efficient.  I can imagine how yummy his sandwiches must be.  Best of luck, man (sic).” 

One user feels that he deserves an award. "This man will definitely deserve an award for such incredible talent of awesome sandwich making. Hats off (sic)," read the comment.  

Seems like there isn’t any limit to creativity when you are dedicated, especially when it comes to food. What do you think of the sandwich vendor? Let us know.