Viral: Man Breaks Egg In Minus 25 °C; What Happens Next Is Sure To Shock You
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @realsmackbae

How cold is too cold for you during the winter season? While in India we have seen bone-chilling cold temperatures as low as minus 17 degrees Celsius, when all people want to do is wear layers of warm clothes and stay inside a blanket all day, imagine parts of the world where people live in minus 25 °C. It is the sort of weather where your food simply freezes in no time if you keep it out! Yes, you read that right, that too exists. 

This might sound a bit impossible for India, but many regions across the world do face extreme cold, and not just in one particular time but all year round. So, it goes without saying that in such severe weather conditions, all the things around you get frozen with the cold. We recently came across a video on the internet, where a person showed what happens when you crack a raw egg at -25 degrees Celsius. And well, shocked would be an understatement.

In a video shared by Instagram user @realsmackbae, we see a person cracking an egg in the morning outside in freezing temperatures of –25 °C. The person takes the egg outside their house and then cracks it open on a paper. The egg immediately starts to freeze and after 15 minutes, the egg becomes completely hard and sticks to the paper. The person even hits it on the ground and shows it breaking. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video here:

 Ever since this video was uploaded, the video has garnered over 450K views, and more than 7K likes and several hilarious comments! "This egg is strong. I couldn't survive this level of cold", wrote one person, while another person wrote, "Oh dude that's so cool! What you should do is freeze it and then immediately put it on a pan and cook it and see if it impacts anything." 

Several people also shared what happens with food in other countries. A user said, "While in India people can cook omelette on their cars." Another user said, "In Thailand, it works on the other way round. There one can fry sunny-side up eggs from the heat of the street." Someone also said, "You can freeze the egg, we can cook it in the 40 C temp." 

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